A piece of beauty

"Knot 2" Anni Albers 1947

“Knot 2”
Anni Albers

I know I look complicated but I have so much color. My lines cross and pass through red,blue, and yellow like¬†christmas lights. I know you don’t understand me but you must think of me as something familiar. Give me life!¬†You look as if you can not open the door to me please just dig deep and understand that I am beautiful!

That’s just it I am beautiful, I am awkward, and I am uncompleted. However your story of my unknown place has been completed in your mind. How you think of me and what you think of me that is my story.

I am just line that look like wires… And now I see my electricity has lit a light bulb.

2 thoughts on “A piece of beauty

    • I do love to look at art. I wasn’t always good at poetry but when I look at unfinished art I know that that piece deserves a voice. Everyone and Everything has something to say and stands for something strong they just need that extra push in order to be heard. Also I checked out you blog and it was truly amazing thank you.

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